Sunday, January 11, 2009


Did you know that I have a cat? I do!!! Our big dogs often overshadow Mindy, my kitty. She's actually an old lady. I became Mindy's mom on February 3, 1993 - almost 16 years ago! She is now a scrawny, scratchy looking 16 year old, but she's still kicking. Since moving into a house of dogs (not including Todd, of course), Mindy took some time to adjust. All Steve wants to do is sniff her but, and she will have nothing of it. I don't blame her.

Since Mindy can't just sleep wherever she wants on the bed, she now has HER spot. It is along the edge of the bed by my pillows.

It looks weird, but she faces the wall and listens for dogs. If Steve jumps on the bed, she'll hiss and hit him in the face if he gets too close.

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  1. Marc's old as dirt cat (Sydney) does this too!